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Nuance Waiter
Nuance Waiter

Top Ten Romantic Proposals

Well, you're going to ask the question, and believes that a quick trip to the Red Lion at the end of the street with your mates watching, not the best idea.

So what should you do? Here are ten ideas for how you can ask that all important question, Will you marry me.

Now, if you're not a romantic, who will fight with the whole concept. You might ask, what about harm in asking to see an episode of East Enders, or wait for traffic lights in the car while going to work? Because it simply has to work harder than that. Hopefully, in time in this mortal body, we will not be the question many times, and this is one of the major milestones in his life. So, on this occasion, a little effort is needed.

Well, let's start with one of the most popular ways to pop the question. Basically, everything is a variation of central issue of formulating a question, get another person, or transmission of the question with a clean device.

First is the expensive restaurant tête-à-tête. Okay, need not be expensive, which can only be 'serious' (as it was the first restaurant that never went to his first date) and can do much to make it that bit more special. Consider a violinist in the background, but keep a sense of decorum here, as some old friend away screeching through a grade violin class self-taught, is not going to ingratiate himself with his future partner, or the other diners. And maybe get the waiter to pass the ring and a proclamation of his love in a card. That seems a little cheese, but if you're worried it will fluff his lines in that special moment, make mate read the proposal, could help.

So that's the basic theory behind a good proposal. A great place, a pleasant mood and romantic delivery, the key question.

Once seen, you can build various shades.

How about 'clothing' the route, for example when you are bringing back your loved one from somewhere. You could start with a couple of warnings to Along the road he loves xx, to reach their place with a large sign asking the question. You can then reveal his shirt that says the same thing.

A bigger the holiday. Take your intention to his favorite place in the world and then ask the question.

And while flying, but crept in the last row of a jumbo jet, to see the movie, the lights down and the length of finished foods, the use of this special time to make the key question. Without doubt, bring new meaning to the mile high club.

And a subtle change, buy a balloon flight hot air for you and your partner. And while you're in the clouds, ooh and aahing at the drop of a quarter mile to oblivion, I ask them if they want to spend the rest of his life with you.

Just an observation general, however, do not use the site, or activity, to scare them into submission. The tactic to marry me or we're going to plummet to the death could give an initial positive response, but they'll change their minds once security has been achieved.

But how about this. Rental artists of the street and got a little the performance of your intention. Say, a five-minute show culminates in asking the question.

Again, A note of caution here. Do not plan anything that will shame its main partner. A joke is a smart thing ridiculous is likely to postpone marriage many years.

Maybe you can plan a party, getting all your friends and family around. As with the previous idea, hiring a magician to take a pigeon with a marriage proposal from a hat.

If you intend reading the local newspaper, or have a favorite magazine, then you could consider buying an ad that calls out to his question from the page.

And how about a treasure hunt, like the annual hunting Easter eggs. You can hide clues all over the place, until the final message is encountered as the excitement builds.

Finally, of course, is the sudden down one leg and pop the question. On the one hand, this had its advantages, if your intention bursts out laughing, then everything can be worn as a joke and nothing happens. The disadvantage is that the hair on one knee manoeurve can be fraught with physical danger. Suitors have been known to glide on, or pull back, so be careful when you do the flashing Caballero bits.

So there they are. Ten ways of dressing that question that you expected to meet with a resounding yes. Good luck.

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